On receiving an email

I can not describe the delight I felt when I received the confirmation email about my place on the London 19 Innovator Academy at Google's Offices in London. I had tried before but been unsuccessful and had felt battered and uncertain about whether to re-apply. Each time I felt the doubt, I happened upon someone who reminded me why it was worth trying again. people of particular (beginning sound like a BAFTA acceptance speech now but Hey!) are Andy Caffrey, Ben Whitaker, Dan Leighton. These people were not effusive did not hold my hand at every step, give away some special trick to beat the system. They just enthused, encouraged, criticised, questioned and gave of their time freely. So, reasons I, if these people feel the experience is such that they developed and grew (these are all people who are polymaths in the word of education), then I need to persevere.

As a brief aside, I do need to acknowledge my second attempt which went disastrously wrong because after delivering my baby (6'10" geology undergraduate!) to University and then driving 1700 miles in one week, I promptly fell asleep after half a glass of wine and missed the deadline. not proud but I excuse myself because of the trauma of empty nest syndrome. I still miss all my children - can't help it.

Back to my story - The email of acceptance came on May 7th right at the end of the day - seemed like a really long day. I was sorry that some of my friends and colleagues didn't get in but pleased I had finally managed to get accepted.

Almost as soon as the email arrived, there were tasks to do and this has continued ever since. Hangouts, Classroom assignments, badges, logos, team names, learning Voxer, Live translations between US English and UK English and so on.

To summarise my experience so far: Hard work but worth it for the new friends and colleagues, new challenges and a year-long CPD project with leaders in education change. What is there not to like.

I am sure I will struggle with my year, get frustrated, encounter blocks and dead-ends but I am certain of one thing. The value of this year is in my control and I plan to take hold and not let go. Look in some time to catch up on my progress.


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