And now it begins

What a day! WHAT A DAY!

I am exhausted. I have just finished my Innovator Academy. The group of Innovators I have worked with this week have been astonishing. If it were possible to harness it, the energy in the room could have powered a small town for a week.

They came from across the globe to be here in London and we arrived as strangers on Wednesday morning and left as friends.  This is not strictly true. Once our place had been announced, we were added to a chat group and we have been getting to know each other virtually ever since so the actual face to face meeting already felt like I was meeting old friends. The bonds between us in the lead up to the actual event were made solid and binding during the three days at Google offices in London.

I had worked hard to get an idea I felt was good enough to get me in and then spend a month and the three days of the Academy beating it into a pulp and then back into some shape to leave me ready to start my year with my mentor.

We explored a whole host of design processes to make us consider our project from all angles and tested it by using each other, Googlers and each other in an iterative process to refine and refine. Like a Samurai sword steel is melted and melded, folded and beaten to get the final shape, we explored all the possibilities that our project idea could produce until we finally arrived at our last idea - and then we test it again and again.  if anyone were to discard their idea this was celebrated by the sounding of a bell to drive home the importance of the failing fast philosophy that Google themselves adopts in their product development.

But now, I am an Innovator and very proud of my achievement. I have already adjusted my signature on my emails


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