Every thing I hoped it would be

I arrived in London after a very hot and sticky day at Peterborough Regional College. The staff at PRC were excellent. There was a great deal of probing questions and I get a sense that whilst they still have a way to go, they are definitely on the right track.

I then jumped on a train to London to start my Innovator journey. I rushed, hot and sweaty to my hotel. Connected via our chat to one of my other Innovator colleagues and we went over to Marble Arch to join some of our cohort. This is where it gets strange. I have never met most of this cohort but it felt completely normal to rush this short distance across London to meet up with all these people who I feel I have known for such a long time.  This is the Innovator magic. If you are wondering why people would do it, it is because of this. The warmth and camaraderie are tangible. The honest and open way we all talk to each other: warm, challenging, open, honest, caring - it is such an unusual position to find myself in. Only my closest friends furnish me with these feeling and yet that is completely illogical because, in actual fact, I barely know these people. The whole experience is astonishing. That the preamble to our Innovator Academy, which has not officially started yet, has been such a rich experience, that we have bonded like no other group I have been a part of since my time at University. It is like we are all freshers. Looking to each other to offer  a route through this strange and uncertain journey and quickly confident that the support and guidance we need will be there from the group: uncompromisingly, unquestioningly

If ever you have wondered whether you are ready for Innovator. If ever you have wondered if you are good enough, if ever you have wondered if you have the right skills set for Innovator - I would say go for it. 

The punch line: The key component is this: our shared journey has brought us together like a family. Like most families, I expect that I won't like everything my family does over the three days but it won't stop me loving them. This is such an indescribable experience - I don't want it to end and it hasn't even started yet!.

A poem to summarise my thoughts. The additions in brackets in the penultimate line are me to adjust it to fit the moment.

You're Always There For Me

Crysta M Davis

You're always there when I need a hand,
Pushing me, helping me.
You're there when I need a shoulder
To cry on, to lie on.
You're there when I need to talk,
At sunrise, at sunset.
You will never know what you mean to me.
We will never know how our friendship became so deep.
They will never know all the secrets that we keep.
Our friendship will always be
Because you're my (one of 35) best friend(s).
You're always there for me!

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/youre-always-there-for-me


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