The first Step is the hardest (apologies to Cat Stevens)

The next Innovator Academy is in São Paulo, Brazil (Portuguese language only) and the closing date for applications is September 27th. You can get more information here.

 As I work through my Innovator project, I get monthly meetings with my Mentor. We get to select our own mentor and I went through the list we were given and selected Susan Herder. I can 't say much about Susan because I will be telling her that I am writing about her but she has a lovely kind manner: she listens attentively, lets me meander around the thoughts in my head and gently nudges me back to a sensible focus.  That openness and then the ability to bring me back to focus is great and even though we have never met face to face and only had two Hangout conversations, we have a good working relationship. I am delighted.

Whilst meeting this month, I talked through the things I have been doing and  Susan gently steered me back to realising that I need to pick up the pace. She never said that but gently encouraged me to look at my KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) that I declared in my plan for my innovator project. This refocus of my work made me realise I have work to do. The whole project is huge and I need to just start. 

I now have some needs analysis and I know where I need to start and I just need to get going.  The conversation made me realise that I was delaying for no good reason. There comes a stage in a project when you just need to get stuck in.

With that in mind, I am going to make my first steps in my project by calling on my personal learning network and try and get to a place where I have the content for my Innovator. This reduces the reasons I can think of to delay.

If you are in my PLN, please expect to be asked to contribute. I will be interviewing you and recording it and planning to use some or all of the recording as guidance material for G-Suite admin people who use my Innovator project.  If this innovator experience has taught me anything, it is that most things are better when you call on the collective wisdom and that I can't solve problems on my own.

So. many thanks to Sue for her continued support and thanks to anyone who ends up helping me gather the information I need to start my Innovator Project.

Explanatory note
For those who don't know the misquote which is the  title of this blog:

Not Sheryl Crow or Rod Stewart but written and originally performed by Cat Stevens


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