The Most Precious Reward

The Most Precious Reward

One of my motivations to join the Google Innovator Program was to find out a solution to an educational problem. This is AMAZING, but now I realize this is not the most PRECIOUS reward. Let me explain it better.

After #LON19 Academy a new life starts, even though you feel overwhelmed with all the emotions and what you discovered about others and about yourself there, it is just a renewed step in your life.

Working as a teacher at  "Sagrada Familia" Fundación Vedruna Educación  in the centre of Seville with about 300 students and 17 teachers, to face this project is a great responsibility to not disappoint myself and my community. When my closest friends and colleagues knew about my participation in #LON19 Google Innovator Program, everybody praised me and I suffered more and more the impostor syndrome doubting and fearing of being exposed as a “fraud”.

But if this idea comes to my mind, I always speak with my “creature”, in my case an unicorn in my garden, reminding me what is the problem I want to solve and this quote, my coach Kate Cheal  in her inspiring speech “Oh the places, we’ll go”.

Since I left the Academy, my PLN has increased a lot, not only because I can interact with plenty of teachers and know about their projects around the world but also because I’m invited to participate in different events related to education.

The first one took place on the 19th October in Madrid, about Innovation and Education I Jornadas MIAC encourages collaboration and discussion among teachers, this time I share the experience with my students called “Breaking the wall” based on the idea that we learn everywhere and everytime. The project has to do with crossing the school walls and use Google for Education tools to make our learning easier and promoting their soft skills.

Another one is coming soon EdTechVedruna, on 23rd November and it makes me feel very excited because it will be the first time I introduce myself as a Google Certified Innovator in front of my colleagues from Fundación Vedruna Educación.

It has to do with the use of technology as learning facilitator , at that point I will chat about “Power Skills:  Keys of the 21st Century” with my colleague Eduardo Ruiz Google Certified Innovator #MEX18.This event is going to be held in four different locations in Spain and several Google Certified Innovator will participate.

Finally, one I feel very proud to take part in is as organizer of Andalusian GEG, in the South of Spain which will be taking place next 21st March. I have the opportunity to learn from other Innovators from different cohorts :

As you know, GEG Spain is a group of educators, administrators and learning leaders  who collaborate, share material, advice, support about GSuite, G Cloud and the use of electronic devices in schools. Last weekend an event of this kind took place in The Canary Islands  GSuite Canarias with workshops about ideas to put into practise next week at school.

Speaking from myself, after the Academy you have in front of you a bunch of opportunities, and the most precious reward. From my point of view, it’s about  all those moments, past, present and which are coming that make you change, learn about others ideas, share experiences, inspire you and why not inspire to others, to sum up those which make you BE A TEACHER because….

“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn”

So GOOGLE CERTIFIED INNOVATORS, see this experience as a GIFT and be thankful for it, because this will change you and what is more important THE WORLD #Dreamoutloud.

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