In a spirit of collabortion...

The Innovator experience takes you out of your comfort zone and expects you to stay there. That is to say, you arrive reasonably confident in your own expertise (See post about imposter syndrome) and you are asked to beat your ideas into a better form so that at the end of the three-day academy you have a plan to go forward and realise your project over the coming year - hopefully

That being said, you are not alone. Whilst you are asked to challenge all your ideas about your chosen project, and you definitely need to drive it forward there is a whole cohort ready and willing to help you make your project a success The day of our graduation, we joined a group of all the Innovators worldwide - 1760 of them. As we joined the group and posted our opening welcome, we were met with a barrage of welcome posts from existing Innovators and made to feel welcome straight away. There were even offers of help and support. We now have to get going on our project.

Through all of this, there has been a thread that has glued the whole thing together. That is the spirit of collaboration. Whether it is commenting on each others project to help refine our ideas; collaborating through a chat about where we all go for a drink so no one is left out; helping someone with their ukulele playing or bringing reluctant dancers onto the dance floor, there is always someone willing to collaborate with you.

So, in the spirit of collaboration, I am inviting my fellow #LON19 cohort to collaborate with me on this blog. I have invited them to be guest authors and so as well as my contributions, you will get the insights from other Innovators. If it goes well, I may well extend the invitation to Innovators from other cohorts to offer their insights. Watch this space. Over the coming months, you will hear from many of my fellow collaborators - I won't spoil the surprise by telling you who they are. Come back again soon and find out.


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