Park it and Move on

First of two short blogs today. By all means, carry on reading but this post is more for me than anyone else. I need to out myself. I need to purge the doubts and grab this opportunity for all I am worth.

The mind is a strange thing and sometimes feels like, despite our best efforts, we are not in control of it.

I am so delighted that I have been accepted on to the Google Innovator Academy. I have found many of the pre-academy tasks really hard and I have been delighted and frustrated in equal measure. I do enjoy being a learner and it is one of the great revelations of my teaching career when I realised that I was a learner in the classroom alongside my students.  Despite telling myself that I have so earned this, there is still that small voice of doubt in my head telling me that I am in a group of amazing educators and how come I managed to sneak in. I know it is unhelpful and come next week, I am going to grab every opportunity I can to push and extend myself to ensure I get the very most out of my experience. Still, the voice persists.

So, there you are I am outed! I suffer from imposter syndrome. Do I feel better? working on it! Am I pleased I wrote this? Yes - going public has a cathartic effect and really helps. Will I fight those feelings of doubt next week? Every step of the way.


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